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Craft Sodas are for Soda Lovers! 


We are extremely proud to carry Europe's largest selection of quality!

Craft Sodas in glass bottles- carefully made in micro breweries

in places such as the US, Sweden, and Germany. Every day, we find more amazing breweries- we never stop! These small companies are often owned by families with a passion for bottled sodas. They put their hearts and souls into every batch- so you know you are getting real sodas from true soda lovers. Once you taste the real thing, there is no going back !

Every brand has an interesting story and you will love

all the quirky labels, crazy logos and interesting flavors.  


Folks- Nobody does sodas like Soda Nation- Period.

We spend a lot of our time looking for sodas all over the world so you can have that special soda experience every time you come to our store. It is our mission to knock your socks off and spread the word-  

Craft Sodas are here to stay!