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The birth of Soda Nation


Born into a family of true foodies, David Gray always knew he would follow in the family footsteps and pursue amazing foods and beverages to share with the masses. Being a gourmet globetrotter meant that David didn't just see the world from his own personal perspective- he took time getting to know the foods, spices and cultures that created the wonderful flavors on every plate and glass he was served. His passion for amazing brands with interesting stories had only started..


David Gray always appreciated the hard work that goes into quality foods, and he was especially fond of small family companies that stand by their special brands and hand crafted products. He spent many years tasting his way through the best foods and beverages and he realized that the market was missing out on sodas from micro breweries.

Therefore, bringing Craft Sodas to Sweden was a no brainer.

David decided it was time to create a solid base for soda lovers- a store where hundreds of amazing delicious real sodas would be stacked from wall to wall for the ultimate soda experience. Luckily for all the soda savy folks out there- David is one heck of a doer. Said and done- Soda Nation was founded and the first store was built and opened during the summer of 2016.


Today, Soda Nation has the largest assortment of Quality Craft Sodas in Europe.

Some of the coolest brands in this wonderful world of sodas.


Let us help you find new favorites every time you visit the store.

You will be blown away- so be prepared!



Soda Nation will amaze you

Soda Nation offers an exciting range of special Craft Sodas unavailable anywhere else in Europe. 

Every week you will be able to buy new sodas and snacks you have never seen before and we promise to have special offers to brighten your day.


If you are looking for the perfect sodas for that weekend bash, or brilliant flavors to match your gourmet dinner- we have your back.

We can help you pick out (and pack!!) the perfect gift for that friend who has everything...except an awesome batch of Craft Sodas!


Soda Nation offers so much more than your average speciality shop- we have the whole world of Craft Sodas at our fingertips.

Well, no point in being humble when you know you rule....

So come and visit us and enjoy a huge and ever changing range of unique flavors from special micro breweries! We know what real Craft Sodas are all about, and we will help you find your favorite brands and flavors.

And don't forget -Like us on Facebook and get invites to events and special offers !!